Commission Dispute

Do You Have a Real Estate Commission Dispute?

If you are a real estate broker or agent who is having difficulty getting your real estate commission because a dispute has arose during the sale there are some basic elements that had to be met for you to be entitled to your commission: (1) the broker or salesperson must be licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, (2) the obligation to pay your Real Estate compensation must have been made in writing, and (3) depending upon the terms of the agreement, the broker in the sale must have procured a ready, willing, and able buyer or tenant, prepared to purchase or lease the property.

Most often, the “procuring element” is almost always the subject of litigation. Jeffery Williams is a Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyer who can look over the written documentation that you have. If there is any possible way to make a case for your commissions earning we will find it and present a compelling case why the commission should be paid so that those who might be withholding payment fully realize that to not comply is probably not worth their efforts.

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