This Site For Sale

Welcome Counselor,

–Thank you for taking a minute to take a look at this site.

This site is looking for a HOME
a New Master…

This Law Practice Website is priced at an affordable $199.00/month lease
– FULLY BRANDED to you and your practice, includes hosting, web maintenance and SEO updating (12 months minimum)

This Law Practice Website is priced at an affordable $4,500.00 to buy outright.
– FULLY BRANDED to you and your practice (all yours)

Send a deposit of either $199.00 (lease) or $625 (purchase deposit) via PayPal gets the site. Within 48 hours I will personally begin to detail the site for you:

  • “Brand the site” for you, using your name and logo etc
  • NOTE: over the past few years, I have personally penned all content. You should review it of course – you’re the attorney. I am not. You should edit or change it to match your law practice and your “take” on what you want for your digital footprint. If you like it, you can use it as is…;
  • Add custom photo-shop’ed pictures of your office building, office interior;
  • Add your picture and any staff photos you may choose;
  • Recreate the firm profile, the attorney profile(s), contact page and;
  • Remove Law Sections you do not want: i.e. Real Estate, Internet Law, Estate Planning;
  • Add Business Law complementary Law “Niches” that are missing (you write content);
  • I have years of unique content I have personally written to hone my content writing skills and study what works and what doesn’t in the world of better SEO results. That content is published live on websites I set up just to learn, test, and refine my skills. I might be able to make some of that content available to you including:
    • Tax Law, Immigration, Expungement, Criminal, Family Law, Juvenile Dependency,
    • Eviction, Personal Injury, DUI, Domestic Violence, etc;
    • NOTE: a Business Law site should not have strange bedfellows: Criminal, PI, etc…;
    • “Dilute the focus – Lose the client.”
    • Jack-of-all-Trade law practice sites FAIL.
  • Any other (reasonable) changes you have.

If you have the pictures and content handy I can have this website “dialed-in” for you in days. If you need some help with pictures for your new site I can help you with that as well. The branding of this site to make it ALL about you (Contact Page, HOME Page, Office Address, Attorney Profile, Your Testimonials) is somewhat tedious work. I estimate 13 to 16 hours to “brand the site” in that manner. When you get around to editing my content to be yours, I can help you (or teach you) how to change the content to be yours and not mine. I can help using PhotoShop to detail your pictures, logos and what have you.

What’s the POWER in a good Domain Name?

This Website’s Domain? : www.LosAngelesBusinessLawyer

My passion is helping lawyers find new clients, In current search best-practices, it is a GIVEN that a well-researched domain name (including keywords) ads power to you hooking up new clients via Organically-Found Searches (i.e. Found for FREE). Take a look at these two common Search Strings:

“Los Angeles Business Lawyer”
is searched for 1,900 times each month
22,800 Potentials Clients each year

“Los Angeles Lawyers” is searched for 110,000 times each month
1.32 MILLION! Potential New Clients each year

These monthly searchers (only Google numbers – not including Bing and Yahoo…) are seeking THIS SITE & YOU.
My sites work.
My well-researched domain names are a big part of it.


  • $199.00 – Set-up Fee (this actually takes me 13-15 hours)
  • $199.00 – per month which Includes hosting, SEO Maintenance (minimum 12 months)


  • $ 625.00 – Deposit
  • $1,937.50 – When the site is the way you like it
  • $1,937.50 – In 30 days

If you’ve looked this site over and want it, there is only this one Los Angeles Business Lawyer site and I figure first come, first serve… I have some like sites in other California counties and major cities if you have (or want to have) a satellite office outside of Los Angeles. Call me for a list of URLs to visit.

For this site, if you want it, make a deposit. If you change your mind the next day because it is 3 AM, I’ll issue a refund. There are 4,900+ Business Attorneys in Los Angeles County. A surprising number of these 4,900 lawyers have a “Dead” or expired site, a site they tried to build themselves (many never finished – many less-than-professional looking), or their law practice website is very broad (Jack-of-all-Trades) where Business Law & Real Estate Law are but a minor link on the current “general law” site resulting in NO CLIENTS EVER CALLING…

This site is a representative example of my more focused-approach to like-minded law-sections. From my daily research over many years, this narrow-focus website approach works far better. My available pre-created, ready-to-go, websites where I have honed my design and content-creation skills, always seem to find a home. Since my test sites are not benefiting me, as they might a law practice, most are available for lease or sale. I’ve learned that most lawyers are just too busy to build their own sites. Even if this site is just a placeholder (in the short term) until you have time to write your own content, this website is already earning search engine ranking in Los Angeles because it is live and because it has significant, well-written content. Moreover, it can be used immediately as a finished, “Landing Page Website” for a Google AdWords campaign.

I can be reached from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm most days including Saturdays if you want to talk.

Initial Lease Payment of $199

Initial Purchase Deposit of $625

Call anytime:

–Keith Bennett

888.900.9078 – computer lab
562.265.1218 – office
714.381.9025 – cell